Course Outline
Microsoft Access 2007 - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning
Training Method:
A working knowledge of Microsoft Access 2007, or having attended our Intro to
Access 2007.
Two days
To enhance database designs by using the principles of table relationships. Delegates will learn how to
query multiple tables for data that is then used in customised forms and reports. They will further learn
how to perform more complex queries and create more ef?cient forms and reports.
Experienced users of Microsoft Access 2007 or as a follow on from our 2 day
Designed for:
Module 1: Action Queries
Type of query
The cross tab query, The make table query
The append query, The delete query
The update query
Module 2: Forms
Forms, Form views, Form controls
Basic forms, Using the form wizard
Creating forms in design view
Modifying and redesigning the form
Conditional formatting
Sorting and filtering records by using a form
Module 3: Reports
Reports, The report wizard
Creating a summary report with totals
Creating reports in design view
Modifying and redesigning reports
Report headers and footers
Conditional formatting
The keep together property
Grouping, sorting & filtering records in a report
Group headers and footers
Using the label wizard
Module 4: Charts
Charts in forms, Modifying charts in forms
Charts in reports, Modifying charts in reports
Module 5: Managing Relational Databases
Database concepts and design
Normalisation with the table analyser wizard
Database integrity
Types of relationship
Creating the links, Join types
Referential integrity, Look-up fields
Sub data sheets
Module 6: Customising Forms
List and combo boxes
Altering the control properties
Check boxes, option and toggle buttons
Option groups, Command buttons, Calculated fields
Entering a page number and time and date control
Using a formís input values
Creating a form with multiple pages or tabs
Creating a form with more than one page
Tab order
Inserting an unbound object in forms or reports
Create a bound object frame control
Image control, Background pictures and autoformat
Module 7: Advanced Forms
Multiple item forms, split forms
Datasheet forms, subforms
Module 8: Optimising & Admininstering
Optimising performance
Optimising general table performance
Achieving optimal performance with linked tables
Optimising multi-user performance
Query performance, performance anyalyser
Enabling and disabling add-ins
Compacting your database
The database documenter and the database splitter
Importing and linking tables, linked table manager
Protecting databases
Module 9: Macros
Creating, running and modifying macros
Attaching macros to the events of database objects
Creatng macros to provide user interaction
Creating macros that require user input via
Creating autokeys and autoexec macros
Creating macros for data transfer
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