Course Outline
Microsoft Excel 2007 - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
A working knowledge of the Windows environment is required.
One day
To introduce the basic concepts and features of Microsoft Excel 2007. Upon successful completion of the
course delegates will be able to create simple worksheets.
First time and/or inexperienced users of Microsoft Excel 2007.
Designed for:
Module 1: Excel Basics
Starting Excel
What is a worksheet?
What is a workbook?
Identifying parts of the screen
Using help
Using selection techniques
Selecting a range of cells
Selecting nonadjacent cells and ranges
Selecting an entire worksheet
Entering data
Entering text data into a cell
Entering values
Entering data into a range
Quickly adjusting a column width
Finishing a workbook
Saving a named workbook
Saving the workbook in HTML format
Printing a worksheet
Closing a workbook and exiting from Excel
Module 2: Modifying a Workbook
Opening a workbook, Creating a new workbook
Opening a recently used workbook
Creating simple formulae
Creating a formula by typing
Creating a formula by using the mouse
Using functions
Using the autosum button, Using the formula bar
Editing data on worksheet, Editing data in a cell
Editing a formula
Clearing the contents from a cell or range
Using undo and redo
Module 3: Managing the Worksheet
Navigating in a worksheet
Using the scroll bars and boxes
Changing worksheets
Using go to
Changing the worksheet structure
Deleting cells, rows and columns
Performing simple sorts
Creating and using named ranges
Automatically naming ranges,Manually naming ranges
Navigating with named ranges
Using range names in formulae
Pasting a list of named ranged
Managing (editing and deleting) names using the
name manager
Creating named constants
Module 4: Formatting the Worksheet
Moving and copying data, Copying data with auto ?ll
Creating a series with auto ?ll
De?ning relative, mixed and absolute references
Copying formulae
Changing the appearance of data
The mini toolbar, Formatting numbers, Applying fonts
Adding enhancements
Aligning data in cells, Merging and centring cells
Rotating and indenting text
Adding borders and shading
Using drawing tools
Creating graphic objects
Editing a graphic object
Adding special effects to graphic objects
Using other drawing tools
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