Course Outline
Microsoft Project 2007 - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Delegates should be able to create a project using Microsoft Project 2007, or have
attended our Introduction to Microsoft Project 2007 training course.
Two days
Delegates will learn how to use Microsoft Project 2007 to manage a project or multiple projects.
Experienced users of Microsoft Project 2007 who can create a project, and wish to
manage a project or multiple projects
Designed for:
Module 1: Project 2007 Views
Working with views, Combination views
Creating your own views
Creating a combination view
Placing views on the menu
Sharing new views with other projects
Module 2: More Tables and Filters
Overview of tables and ?lters
Understanding tables, Creating a new table
Using the new table, Exploring ?lters
Creating a custom ?lter
Module 3: Templates
Templates overview
Examining existing templates
Creating a new template, Using a template
Modifying a template
Changing the global template
Removing items between projects
Module 4: Reporting
Inserting page breaks
Removing page breaks
Using prede?ned reports
Cross tabulation reports
Creating a cross tabulation report
Sharing custom reports
Module 5: Multiple Files
Multiple ?le overview
Working with multiple ?les
Creating a workspace
Using a workspace ?le
Hiding ?les
Unhiding ?les
Module 6: Linked Projects
Linked project overview
Consolidating multiple projects
Using a consolidated project
Changing data in a consolidated project
Saving a consolidated project
Opening a consolidated project
Inserting projects
Breaking project links
Creating a read-only sub-project
Inserting task links
Module 7: Shared Resources
Shared resource overview
Creating a common resource pool
Linking to an external resource pool
Assigning resources from a pool ?le
Working with shared resources
Checking for links
Managing shared resource ?les
Module 8: Project 2007 and Other Applications
Exporting overview
Copying to Microsoft Word
Copying to Microsoft Excel
Linking to Microsoft Excel
Exporting to a Microsoft Excel Pivot Table
Exporting to Microsoft Access
Module 9: Project 2007 on the Web
Saving to HTML
Viewing an HTML ?le
Copying a picture
Saving to HTML with a picture
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