Course Outline
Microsoft Project 2007 - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
No prior knowledge of Microsoft Project 2007 is assumed.
A working knowledge of the Windows or Mac OS environment is required.
Two days
Delegates will learn how to use Microsoft Project 2007 to enter and keep track of their project details to
assist them with their project planning.
First time and/or inexperienced users of Microsoft Project 2007.
Designed for:
Module 1: Introduction to MS Project
The Microsoft Project 2007 screen
Working with tables, views and combination views
Working with the Gantt Chart view
Understanding Project 2007 menus and toolbars
Working with existing project ?les
Module 2: Microsoft Project 2007 Help
Printed help sources, The help task pane
Searching for speci?c help
Disabling online content, Enabling online content
Module 3: Creating a New Project
Creating a new project, Saving a new project ?le
Setting speci?c options, pitfalls changing options
Adjusting the standard calendars
Creating public holidays, Creating a new calendar
Specifying project and summary information
Module 4: Creating Tasks
Reviewing the project
Entering, creating & working with summary tasks
Module 5: Task Duration
Task duration overview, Entering task duration's
Displaying critical tasks, Checking project status
Understanding project slack, Entering milestones
Module 6: Creating Relationships
Creating relationships using the link tool
Changing relationships and dependencies
Module 7: Constraints and Deadlines
Adding a constraint, Creating a deadline
Module 8: Resourcing a Project
Entering materials, Assigning calendars resources
Adjusting resource information
Changing the unit display Entering lag/ lead time
Module 9: Assignment Concepts
Understanding resource assignment and effort
Creating simple assignments
Understanding task types
Working with ?xed unit. duration & work assignments
Understanding effort driven resourcing
Disabling effort driven resourcing
Module 10: Assigning Resources
Assigning resources,Assigning part time resources
Contouring resource usage
Assigning speci?c work times
Assigning resources in task information
Module 11: Resource Levelling
Tracking down overallocations, Changing work effort
Assigning overtime, Hiring contract labour
Switching work assignments, Rescheduling tasks
Module 12: Costs
Costing overview, Reviewing the current cost status
Variable resource costs
Assigning daily costs for equipment hire
Assigning resource usage costs, Assigning ?xed costs
Assigning material costs, Using multiple cost tables
Changing resources rates during a project
Viewing costs
Module 13: Project monitoring
Getting project to update progress
Manually updating task progress
Entering delayed tasks
Tracking actuals on a Gantt Chart
Using the tracking toolbar, Viewing task slippage
Module 14: Printing
Overview of printing
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