Course Outline
Microsoft Visio 2007 - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Existing users of Visio 2007, or having attended our Introduction to Visio 2007
One day
Microsoft Visio 2007 is a drawing package with a wide application. Closely integrated with the leading MS
Windows applications, Microsoft Visio 2007 provides the non-specialist with a comprehensive range of
drawing tools. This course is designed to provide attendees with advanced techniques in using Microsoft
Visio 2007.
Experienced users of Visio 2007 who wish to create technical layouts, use custom
shape design, produce business diagrams and web site mapping and integrate
Visio 2007 with other MS Office appications
Designed for:
Module 1: Creating Technical Layouts
Creating and designing a layer
Customising layers
Adding custom shapes to a layer
Drawing scales
Using and changing the drawing scale
Manually adding and adjusting shapes
Using the shape data window
Changing a shape’s size and position settings
Duplicate shapes, Dimensioning
Adding and adjusting dimension connectors
Setting display modules
Calculating and adjusting the area of a room
Module 2: Advanced Formatting
Themes and styles
Applying theme colours, Applying theme effects
Creating a custom theme, Creating a style
Applying style attributes
Templates, Creating a custom template
Creating a drawing based on a template
Module 3: Custom Shape Design
Special drawing operations
Creating complex shapes by using basic shapes
Shape behaviour and events
Specifying a behaviour for double-click action
Adding a lock behaviour to an image
Custom stencils, Creating shapes for a stencil
Modifying a shape by using a shapesheet
Adding a prede?ned action to a shape
Adding and editing stencil shapes
Customising stencil shapes, Saving a stencil
Web site maps
Module 4: Business Diagrams & Site Mapping
Block, tree and onion diagrams
Creating a block diagram,Creating a work?ow diagram
Flowcharts, Creating a cross-functional ?owchart
Organisation charts, Comparing organisation charts
Creating an organisation chart by importing data
Project management diagrams
Creating timelines
Creating a PERT chart
Creating a Gantt chart
Web site maps, Generating a web site map
Viewing link information
Generating a report of web site links
Module 5: Integrating with other Programs
Integration with Microsoft Word
Embedding a Visio document drawing into Word
Linking a Word document, Using drag-and-drop
Integration with PowerPoint
Inserting drawings in PowerPoint
Linking a presentation to a Visio drawing
Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Creating a calendar
Importing calendar data from Outlook
Working with web-enabling features
Linking a Visio drawing to a Word document
Converting a drawing to a web page
Module 6: Software and Database Diagrams
Documenting software systems
Drawing a program window and a system diagram
Database model diagrams
Creating a database model diagram
Using the reverse engineer wizard
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