Course Outline
Visio 2007 - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
No prior knowledge of Visio 2007 is assumed. A working knowledge of the Windows
environment is required, or having attended our Introduction to Windows Course.
One day
Visio 2007 is a graphics drawing package with applications that assist the user in tracking their work?ow,
communicating with their departmentís reporting structure, or enhancing their presentations with
complete ease. This course is designed to provide attendees with a solid foundation upon which to build
skills in using Visio 2007l. Delegates will learn the fundamentals of working with Visio 2007 through the
many practical exercises in the course.
First time and/or inexperienced users of Visio 2007.
Designed for:
Module 1: Basics
The diagram gallery
Starting a new diagram
Templates and stencils
Saving, opening and closing diagrams
Module 2: Shapes
Adding shapes to a diagram
Manipulating shapes
Formatting shapes
Module 3: Connectors
Connecting shapes
Point connections
Shape connections
Module 4: Using Text in Visio
Adding text to shapes
Formatting text
Independent text
Module 5: Printing
The drawing page size
Scaling your printout
Headers and footers
Module 6: Organisation Charts
Building an organisation chart
Adding pictures
Module 7: Brainstorming Diagrams
Entering your main topics
Creating sub topics
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