Course Outline
Microsoft Word 2007 - Intermediate
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
A working knowledge of Microsoft Word 2007,or having attended our Introduction to
Word 2007 Course.
One day
Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will gain an understanding of Microsoft Word 2007
and its essential features, so they can use it ef?ciently to create more complex documents and reports.
Experienced users of Microsoft Word 2007, or having attended our Introduction to
Word 2007 Course.
Designed for:
Module 1: Creating and Editing Documents
Correcting documents
Performing a spelling and grammar check
Using the Thesaurus
Using autocorrect options
Setting and deleting autocorrect exceptions
Hyphenating documents
Inserting special hyphens
Creating outlines with multilevel lists
Typing multilevel lists
Assigning and removing paragraph outline levels
Using the document map
Module 2: Drawing in Word
Creating drawing objects
Creating lines and shapes
Creating text boxes
Enhancing drawing objects
Applying line effects
Applying and modifying 3-D effects
Manipulating drawing objects
Sizing and rotating drawing objects
Grouping and ungrouping drawing objects
Placing drawings within document text
Module 3: Using Tables
Creating tables
Typing text into tables
Modifying table structures
Inserting, deleting and moving table columns
Inserting, deleting and moving table rows
Enhancing tables
Merging and splitting cells
Adding table borders
Using table styles and applying shading to a table
Aligning tables
Rotating text in tables
Inserting a table by using quick tables
Module 4: Working with Newspaper Columns
Creating and editing newspaper columns
Selecting and editing column text
Formatting newspaper columns
Forcing a new column
Setting text flow options
Inserting non breaking spaces
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