Course Outline
Adobe DreamWeaver CS3
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment.
Training Method:
Delegates should have knowledge of the Mac or Windows operating environment.
No previous knowledge of DreamWeaver is required.
Two days
This course is for delegates new to web design and development and would like to use DreamWeaver
to build intuitive, attractive and accessible web sites. Delegates will learn:
* DreamWeaver Interface Basics * Getting started with web design and layout
* Working with Text and Images * Creating Links and Anchors
* Library Items * Building Successful Site Navigation
* Building Frames in DreamWeaver * Creating Assets and Templates
* Uploading a Site
Delegates new to web design and development who would like to use
DreamWeaver CS3 to build and manage professional web sites.
Designed for:
Web Basics
Tour the Window
Using Help
Site definition
Creating folders and pages
Introduction to HTML
DreamWeaver Basics
Page properties
Inserting and formatting text
Insert an HR-HR properties
inserting images - Image properties
Lists - U/L - O/L - nested Lists
Named anchors
Internal hyperlinks
External hyperlinks
Mail to hyperlink
Image map
Insert Flash buttons
Assets and Templates
Using the assets pallette
Creating a template
Using a template
Modifying a template
Applying a template to an existing page
Detaching a page from a template
Creating a Table
Resizing columns and rows
Selecting the table/column/row
Add and delete rows and columns
Merge/split rows and columns
Table properties
Cell properties
Layout tables
Library Items
Create a library item
Use a library item
Modify a library item
Delete a library item
Creating a frameset
Modifying frames
Frame properties
Linking within frames
Uploading a Site
Upload a web site
Edit pages
Refresh pages
* Public Courses
* Private Courses
* Customised Courses
* On site training available
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