Course Outline
Adobe Illustrator - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Existing users of Adobe Illustrator or as a follow on from our Intro course.
Two days
To examine some of the more advanced features of Adobe Illustrator to help delegates produce more
sophisticated illustrations and achieve the more complex effects sometimes required, to customise
the work environment and increase illustration productivity with great tips and tricks. This course
includes advanced selection techniques, perspective grids, using the gradient mesh tool, advanced
brush techniques, graphs and patterns.
As a follow on course from our two day Introduction to Illustrator course, or
existing users of Adobe Illustrator.
Designed for:
Document Layout
Different components of the work area, such as
imageable area, non-imageable area, edging of
page, artboard, scratch area
Document settings for artboard & tranparency
Document settings for printing and export
Importing artwork using Open command and
Place command
Shapes and Objects
Selecting the tool to create shape or object
When you would use a specific editing tool, such
as pens, pencils, paint brushes
Components of a path, such as anchor/direction
/corner points, direction lines, smooth point
Creating spot colours, adding to swatch palette
Transform shapes using Transform tools/palette
Creating and modifying masks
Create, use and customise brushes
Modify overlapping objects Transparency palette
Change the appearance of objects using Styles
palette and Effects menu
Change look of objects with Appearance palette
Create graphs using the Graph tools
Create, use and edit symbols using Symbols
palette & tools
Create & modify compound shapes using
Pathfinder palette
Transform shapes using Warp effects
Select objects using the selection tools, such as
Magic Wand, Select menu, Direct/Group Select
Assign variable to objects
Adding Type to a Document
Add type to a document, including wrapping type
around a graphic and creating type on a path
Modify type using Character and Paragraph
Transform type by using setting options for scale,
rotate, reflect and shear
Change look of type using the Create Outlines
command and the Envelope command
Advanced Layer Techniques
How layers can be used to help create and
manage objects in a document
Change the attributes of objects in a layer by
using the Layers palette
Creating clipping masks
Importing and exporting Adobe Photoshop layers
Managing Colours
Colour management workflow process used in
Adobe Illustrator, including ICC profiles,
conversion, embedding and policies
Colour management in Illustrator by using the
Colour Settings dialogue box
Outputting to Print
Crop marks and trim marks in a document
Resolutions and rasterisation settings the
Document Setup dialogue box
Prepare and output to be used for colour
Publishing for the Web
Preparing graphics that will be used on the web
Export Illustrator images that are ooptimised for
publication on the web
Create slices for objects and layers
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