Course Outline
Adobe Illustrator - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
No prior knowledge of Illustrator is assumed. Delegates need to be comfortable
using a mouse, opening and saving files, and the general operation of computers.
Two days
Discover the unique features of Illustrator, including how to create logos, professional type effects,
complex airbrush effects and colour control. Delegates will learn how to create lines and shapes,
using the Live Trace tool. fill and stroke, using blends, Selection tools, type basics, gradients,
transparency, the Pen tool, Transform tools, liquify and envelope and using layers.
First time and/or inexperienced users of Adobe Illustrator. Experienced users will
also benefit from the many tips and tricks and special exercises.
Designed for:
Viewing Illustrator
Getting to know the work area, viewing artwork
Working with the palettes
Using and saving workspaces
Using Illustrator Help & Adobe Online Services
Selection Tools
Using the Selection Tools / Grouping items
Applying Selection techniques
Creating basic shapes
Transform Tool
Transforming objects
Scaling and rotating objects
Changing perspective
Using the Free Transform Tool
Making multiple transformations
Using the Pen Tool, Curves & Anchor Points
Drawing with the Pen Tool
Creating straight lines and curved paths
Curves and corner anchor points
Editing and smoothing curves
Painting the artwork
Using the Live Trace Tool
Using Live Trace, applying Live Paint
Editing colours and colour fundamentals
Painting with patterns and gradients
Using brushes, Saving a graphic style
Adding Effects to Type
Working with type, Importing text files
Understanding and working with text flow
Font, colour and text attributes
Saving and using styles
Wrapping and reshaping text
Creating text on paths and shapes
Working with layers, creating layers
Moving objects and layers, Merging layers
Locking, viewing and pasting layers
Creating clipping masks
Applying appearance attributes to layers
Blending shapes and colours
Creating and adjusting a gradient fill
Adding colours to a gradient fill
Creating smooth colour blends
Blending intermediate steps
Combining blends with gradients
Applying colours, strokes, fills and gradients to
objects by using Fill and Stroke boxes
Distortion Tools, such as Warp, Twirl, Bloat,
Scallop, Crystallise, Wrinkle, Liquefy
Creating & Customising Brushes & Symbols
Working with and creating symbols
Applying a symbol instance
Using the symbol tools
Editing and updating a symbol
Keyboard Shortcuts
Printing artwork overview
About printing devices
Halftone screens, Spot colours
Adobe Bridge & Version Cue
Working with Adobe Bridge and Version Cue
Navigating and viewing files
Creating a new project and adding files
Working with file version
Organising and locating files
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