Course Outline
Adobe Photoshop - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Having attended our Intro to Photoshop course or a good working knowledge.
Two days
To enable the delegate to produce more sophisticated artwork and achieve the more complex effects.
Delegates will learn Vector shapes and clipping paths, colour management, preparing images for two
colour printing, advanced type effects, advanced photo repair, special effects, producing and printing
consistent colour, actions and colour correcting and exposure.
Existing users of Adobe Photoshop. Designed for graphic professionals who need
an advanced understanding of photo editing.
Designed for:
General Knowledge
Differences between Vector graphics and Bitmap
images, Using the colour mode
Output attributes that affect image quality
Using file formats in Photoshop
Work Area and Work Spaces
Managing work area using setting options
Palettes, Status bar & Tool Options bar
Managing libraries using the Preset Manager
Configuring, saving and loading workspaces
Importing, Exporting and Saving
Scanning images, Using the Place command
Importing files from a digital camera
Appropriate file format for output
Rasterise a file imported into Photoshop
The File Browser, options for saving
Working with Selections
Modify using selection tools and commands
Feathering and anti-liaising affects selections
Creating and Using Layers
Layers, layer sets, layer type
Working with layers in the Layers palette
Tools & commands to create and manage layers
Edit layers using Editing vector & painting tools
Tools and commands to create & modify clipping
groups and layer masks
Blending modes
Layer effects to manipulate images in a layer
Functionality of Adjustment and Fill layers
Masks and Channels
Create,manage & use channels using palette
How masks are used to work with images
Using the Quick Mask command
Managing Colour
Colour management workflow process
Colour setting dialogue box
The Proof Setup command
Adjustment Layers and Multiple Layers
Viewing a Histogram to correct tonal range
Tonal range using Image Adjustment commands
Changing the size and resolution of images
Crop images by hiding or deleting areas of image
Drawing and Editing
Create shapes using the Pen and Shape tool
Select, modify, save and export paths
The Transform tool
Paint objects using a specific tool
Brushes palette options, Create & apply patterns
Use the Gradient tools to blend colours
Manipulate objects using filters
Using Liquefy command to distort an image
Using Actions
Using Action palette,Create a droplet from an
Play an action using the Batch command
Working with Type
Create, enter and edit type with Type tool
Outputting to Print
Output and Colour pop-up menus in Print
Outputting for the Web
Appropriate file format to optimise images for
Create transparent and matted images
Link an image to a URL by using image maps
Using slices to optimise images for the Web
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