Course Outline
Adobe Photoshop - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
No prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is assumed. Delegates must be
comfortable with the general operation of computers
Two days
To provide a thorough knowledge of the key concepts and features of Adobe Photoshop. Delegates
will learn colour painting, photo retouching and image editing. Topics covered include new features,
filling and painting, history palette, blending and stylising, image editing basics, editing tools,
working with layers, creating and using selections, photo retouching and extracting and masking.
First time and/or inexperienced users of Adobe Photoshop, experienced users can
learn many tips and tricks and consolidate existing knowledge.
Designed for:
What is Adobe Photoshop?
Using the tools in Photoshop
Customising the workspace
Using the Photoshop Help System
Toolbox review
Adobe Bridge
Viewing and editing files in Bridge
Embedding information for easy identification
Using favourites and collections
Automating routine tasks
Acquiring stock photography
Image Editing Basics
Basic photo corrections
Resolution and image size, Cropping images
Removing a colour cast
Adjusting saturation and lightness
Applying the Unsharp Mask Filter
Editing Tools
Retouching and repairing
Clone Stamp tool, Spot Healing brush
Patch tools, Retouching on a separate layer
Creating and Using Selections
Working with selections
Magic Wand Tool, Selecting with the Lasso tools
Cropping an image and erasing with a selection
Creating Mask Selections
Creating & editing a Quick Mask
Saving a selection as a Mask, Editing a Mask
Extracting an image, applying Filter effects
Creating a Gradient Mask and applying effects
Photo Retouching
About CameraRAW, Processing CameraRAW files
Correcting digital photographs
Editing with Vanishing Point perspective
Correcting image distortion,Creating a PDF
Type Effects
Typographic design, Interactive formatting
Creating Clipping Mask/Design Element from type
Warping Point type, Warping a layer
Designing a paragraph of type, Dancing with type
Vector Graphics and Bitmap Images
Vector drawing techniques
About Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics
Paths and the Pen tool, Creating scalable objects
Working with Defined Custom shapes
Importing a Smart Object
Working with Layers, Layer Effect and Modes
Re-arranging layers, applying a layer style
Flattening and saving files
Advanced layer techniques, Applying layer styles
Creating paths to clip a layer, Gradient layer
Importing a layer from another file
Duplicating, clipping and liquifying a layer
Creating a border layer, Flattening a layered
Proofing and Printing
Producing and printing consistent colour
Specifying colour management settings
Proofing an image, Printing techniques
Identifying out-of-gamut colours
Saving an image as a separation
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* On site training available
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