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Course Outline
Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
Tutor led using a digital SLR and Apple Mac running Photoshop CS2 and
PowerPoint.Delegates use tutorial images on individual workstations in a series of
practical exercises to learn & evaluate the techniques and principles introduced.
Training Method:
A basic understanding of camera usage adn Apple Mac and/or PC operating
Two days
This course will benefit anyone who neds to understand how to take and process digital photographs
efficiently using a flexible, consice workflow. Taking you from camera to print, this course is delivered
by a professional photographer with many years experience writing and delivering digital imaging
Anyone who has to process digital photographs and needs to get accurate and
predictable results.
Designed for:
The Digital Camera
Optimising your digital camera settings
Understanding the image data provided by digital
The pros and cons of saving files in raw and JPEG
Downloading Images to Computer
Setting up a Digital Darkroom
Monitor calibration
Discussing the importance of controlled lighting in
the work place
Adobe Bridge
How to file manage photographs
Accessing and modifying metadata
Batch processes in Bridge
Adobe Raw File Converter
Choosing a colour space
Making global adjustments to a photographer’s
tonality, colour saturation and white balance
Correcting colour fringing
Saving raw file presets
Adobe Photoshop Image Editing
Making selective adjustments to photographs
using Adjustments Layers: Levels, Colour Balance
and Hue & Saturation
The pros and cons of Curves
Using Layers to increase dynamic range
Removing blemishes and marks using the Clone
Stamp and Healing Brush
The History Palette and taking Snapshots
Converting images to Black and White: the
photographic way
Making Photographs Ready for Print
Cropping, sizing and sharpening images for
photo-lab printing, inkjet or litho print
Converting photographs to a destination colour
Soft proofing images
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