New Colour
Course Outline
Colour Management
Tutor demonstrations using Apple Mac, PowerPoint and design software (PC systems
discussed). Delegates use tutorial images on individual Mac workstations in a series
of practical exercises to learn and evaluate colour management techniques.
Training Method:
Basic knowledge of the Apple Mac or PC operating systems.
One day
Colour management may seem like a black art. Many computer users suffer the frustration of prints
that do not match what they saw on their monitors, or unexpected colour casts when they try new
brands of ink jet paper. This course will demystify the subject of colour management with step-by-
step guide on how to get predictable results from digital workflows, from camera or scanner to print.
Anyone who has to process digital images, and will outline how to get accurate
results, not just from your studio equipment, but also how to get predictable results
from photographic laboratories, lithographic print and on colour aware web browsers.
Designed for:
Defining colour spaces:
sRGB, Adobe RGB (1988), CMYK and LAB
System Optimisation and Profile Selection
How to embed colour profiles
Enable the accurate translation of images through
your workflow
Converting images
Using appropriate ICC profiles
Setting the correct rendering intent
Monitors and printers using calibration hardware
Proving colour accuracy
Third parties, such as a photographic laboratory
or print house
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