Course Outline
Microsoft Excel - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Experienced users of Microsoft Excel, or as a follow on from our Introduction and
Intermediate Microsoft Excel courses.
One day
To examine and understand some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Excel. Upon successful
completion of the course the delegate will be able to use the essential features of Excel to enable them to
analyse, customise, automate and format more complex worksheets.
Experienced users of Microsoft Excel
Designed for:
Module 1: Working with PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable
Specifying the Data a PivotTable Analyzes
Changing a PivotTable's Calculation
Selecting What Appears in a PivotTable
Grouping Dates in a PivotTable
Updating a PivotTable
Formatting and Charting a PivotTable
Module 2: What If Analysis
Defining a Scenario
Creating a Scenario Summary Report
Using a One and Two Input Data Table
Understanding Goal Seek
Using Solver
Module 3: Automating Tasks with Macros
Recording a Macro
Playing a Macro and Assigning a Macro a
Shortcut Key
Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code
Inserting Code in an Existing Macro
Declaring Variables and Adding Remarks
to VBA Code
Prompting for User Input
Using the If…Then…Else Statement
Module 4: Working with Other Programs
Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word
Modifying an Inserted Excel Worksheet
Inserting a Linked Excel Chart in a Word
Inserting a Graphic into a Worksheet
Opening and Saving Files in Different Formats
Module 5: Using Excel with the Internet
Adding and Working with Hyperlinks
Browsing Hyperlinks and using the Web Toolbar
Saving a Workbook as a NonInteractive
Web Page
Saving a Workbook as an Interactive Web Page
Import an External Data Source
Refresh a Data Source and Set Data
Source Properties
Create a New Web Query
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