Course Outline
Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
A working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is required, or having attended our
Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint Course.
One day
To introduce the advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint and how to use Multimedia in presentations.
Existing users of Microsoft PowerPoint.
Designed for:
Module 1: Working with Tables & WordArt
Creating a Table
Working with a Table
Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Adding Borders to a Table
Adding Shading and Fills
Inserting a WordArt Object
Formatting a WordArt Object
Module 2: Working with Graphs and
Organization Charts
Creating a Chart
Modifying a Chart
Selecting a Chart Type
Creating an Organization Chart
Modifying your Organization Chart
Formatting Your Organization Chart
Module 3: Delivering Your Presentation
Delivering a Presentation on a Computer
Using Slide Transitions
Using an Animation Scheme
Using Custom Animations
Rehearsing Slide Show Timings
Creating a Presentation that Runs by Itself
Creating a Custom Show
Packaging and Copying a Presentation to
Viewing a Packaged Presentation
Module 4: Working with Multimedia
Inserting Sounds
Adding Voice Narration to Your Slides
Inserting a Video Clip
Automating the Multimedia in Your
Module 5: Working with Other
Programs and the Internet
Inserting a Slide into a Microsoft Word Document
Embedding a Microsoft Excel Worksheet into a Slide
Modifying an Embedded Object
Inserting a Linked Excel Chart
Importing and Exporting an Outline
Using Hyperlinks
Using Action Buttons
Saving a Presentation as a Web Page
Viewing a WebBased
Module 6: Advanced Topics
Hiding, Displaying, and Moving Toolbars
Customizing PowerPoint’s Toolbars
Sending Faxes
Adding Comments to a Slide
Customizing PowerPoint’s Default Options
File Properties and Finding a File
Recording a Macro
Playing and Editing a Macro
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