Course Outline
Microsoft Project - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Delegates should be able to create a project using Microsoft Project, or have attended
our Microsoft Project 98 - Creating a Project training course
Two Days
Delegates will learn how to use Microsoft Project to manage a project or multiple projects.
Experienced users of Microsoft Project who can create a project, and wish to manage
a project or multiple projects
Designed for:
Module 1: Displaying Project Data
Exploring Views, The Network Diagram
Tables, Viewing tables
Generating Reports,Printing a view, Previewing
Previewing the Milestones report & Modifying
Module 2: Sorting & Filtering Data
Sorting Project Data, Resetting the Natural Order
Renumbering Resources, Filtering Project Data
Highlighting Tasks and Resources
Applying a filter to the Resource Sheet
Using Auto Filter, Creating Custom Filters
Defining a Filter, Testing for Multiple Criteria
Using AND to define a Filter with Multiple Criteria
Using OR, defining Filter with Multiple Criteria
Creating an Interactive Filter
Module 3: Setting The Plan
Reviewing The Project Management Process
Creating & Saving a Baseline Plan
Baseline Statistics, Previewing a Baseline Report
Clearing a Baseline Plan
Module 4: Tracking Project Progress
Modifying the Environment for Tracking
Applying the Tracking Gantt Chart
Changing the Current Date
Entering Data for Completed Tasks
Tasks That Started and Finished on Schedule
Tracking Multiple Tasks
Tracking Tasks that Finished OffSchedule
Tracking Tasks that finished late
Entering Actual Data for Tasks in Progress
Using the Update Project Dialog Box
Tracking tasks that are currently in progress
Manually Updating an Unfinished Task
Entering a percent complete for unfinished tasks
Rescheduling Uncompleted Work, Splitting a Task
Adding a Progress Line to a Gantt Chart
Viewing Progress in the Network Diagram
Module 5: Adjusting The Schedule
Adjusting the Schedule of Future Tasks
Changing Task Duration, Changing Task Constraints
The Detail Gantt Chart, Using the Detail Gantt view
Setting and Displaying an Interim Plan
Creating an InterimPlan Table
Interim Plans, Setting an interim plan
Copying a Chart, Copying the Tracking Gantt Chart
Customizing a Chart & Interim Tracking Gantt Chart
Module 6: Adjusting Resource Schedules
WorkHour Considerations
Managing resource driven scheduling
Observing How Work is Scheduled Over Time
Applying Resource Contours
Delaying resource work
Managing Tasks with a Fixed Duration
Using Percentages for Resource Allocations
Assigning Overtime, Recording Overtime Pay
Customizing Resource Reports
Observing the Who Does What When report
Customizing a Report
Module 7: Customising Environment
Working with Views
Customizing the Network Diagram
Creating a Table View, To Create a Table View
Creating a Combination View
Working with Toolbars and Macros
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