Course Outline
Microsoft Windows - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
One day
to introduce the key concepts behind Microsoft Windows. At the end of the course the
participant will have a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Windows and be able to utilise the
major Windows features.
First time and/or inexperienced users and also existing users of DOS,
who wish to use MS Windows as a front end to the operating system.
Designed for:
Module One
Windows Basics
Using The Taskbar
Accessing Help
Using Keywords To Search
Printing Help Topics
Searching The Index
Accessing Support
Closing The Help Window
Working With A Window
Minimizing & Maximizing A Window
Restoring A Window To Its Previous Size
Manually Sizing A Window
Moving or Closing A Window
Shutting Down The System
Module Two
Running Programs
Switching Between Open Applications
Using The Keyboard To Switch Between Programs
Arranging Application Windows
Cascading Windows
Tiling Windows
Showing The Desktop
Working With The Menu
Using The Mouse To Access The Menu
Using The Mouse To Cancel A PullDown Menu
Using The Keyboard To Access The Menu
Using The Keyboard To Cancel A PullDown Menu
Working With Dialog Boxes
Accessing Help Within Dialog Boxes
Using The Keyboard Within Dialog Boxes
Cutting, Copying & Pasting
Dragging & Dropping
Moving With Drag & Drop
Copying With Drag & Drop
Module Three
Working With My Computer
Changing Views
Arranging Your Data
Displaying A Parent Folder
Selecting Previously Viewed Objects
Using The Address Bar
Moving/Copying Files And Folders
Selecting Contiguous Files/Folders
Selecting Noncontiguous Files/Folders
Moving Files Or Folders
Copying Files Or Folders
Deleting/Undeleting Items
Undeleting Files Or Folders
Module Four
Customizing The Desktop
Arranging Icons
Aligning The Icons On Your Desktop
Changing The Desktop Appearance
Customizing The Taskbar And Start Menu
Resizing The Taskbar
Repositioning The Taskbar
Taskbar Button Grouping
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