Crystal Reports
Course Outline
Crystal Reports v. 11 - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Experienced users of Crystal Reports, or having attended our Crystal Reports
Basic Skills training course.
Two days
To examine and utilise some of the more advanced features of Crystal Reports.
Experienced users of Crystal Reports.
Designed for:
Power Formatting and Formulas
Review of Planning a Report
Advanced Grouping
Selecting Certain Records
Helpful Hints for Formatting the Report
Adding and Working with Text Objects
Hiding and Suppressing Sections
Power Formatting with Multiple Sections
Using Multiple Sections in Reports
Using Section Expert to work with Sections
Conditionally Formatting Multiple Sections
Using the Running Totals Feature
Understanding Running Totals
Creating Running Totals for List of Numbrs
Conditional Running Totals
Prompting with Parameters
Creating & Using Parameter Fields
Using a Parameter to Select Records
Creating a Dynamic Value List
Adding Parameter Values to Text Objects
Allowing Multiple Values in Parameters
Using Multiple Parameter Fields in Reports
Specifying& Limiting Range for a Parameter
Using Parameters in Conditional Formatting
Using Edit Mask to Limit String Parameters
Using Advanced Formula Features
Understanding how Crystal processes Data
Using Evaluation Time Functions
Working with Variables
Using a Variable in a FormulaWorking with Arrays
Understanding the Formula Evaluation Time
Subreporting as a Workaround Solution
Linking and Formatting a Subreport
Passing Data from Main report to Subreport
Creating On-Demand Subreports
Using Subreports to Link “Unlinkable” Data
Creating Powerful Groups
Customising Group Name Fields using formatting
Creating Custom Groups
Grouping on a Formula Field
Using Group Selection to Filter Records
Grouping Hierarchically
Working with Cross-Tab Reports
Creating Cross-Tab Reports
Applying Formatting to the Cross-Tab
Changing the Summary Operation
Suppressing Rows, Columns or Totals
Report Alerts
Creating Report Alerts
Conditional Formatting on Report Alerts
Report Templates
Report Creation Wizard & Template Expert
Inserting & Formatting Template Field
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