Adobe Course
Adobe Flash CS3 - ActionScript
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment.
Training Method:
Delegates should have some knowledge of Flash CS3 at intro level creating Flash
designs and animation using the timeline, and the Mac or Windows systems.
Two days
This course is for Flash designers who have some experience with Flash design and would like to
learn basic and intermediate ActionScript. Delegates will learn:
* Variables and Properties * TextFormat Class
* Event Handling * Loops and Conditions
* ActionScript Animation * Functions and Methods
* Attaching MovieClip Objects at Runtime * Arrays, Objects and built-in classes
* ActionScript Classes
Flash designers who have some experience of the Flash environment and want
to learn basic and intermediate ActionScript.
Designed for:
Introduction to ActionScript
Prerequisites and Format
Variables and Properties
Actions Panel
Keyframe Code and Object Code
Variables and Declaration
Data Types and Trace Function
Code Comments and Properties
Built-in Classes and Math in ActionScript
Functions and Methods
Global Functions
User Defined Functions and Methods
MovieClip. loadMovie, attachMovie, unloadMovie
Cross Domain Policy
TextField Methods
Understanding Path Names
Event Handling
General Syntax and Button Event Handlers
MovieClip RollOver and Click Effects
TextField Management
Arrays, Objects and built-in Classes
New Operators
Arrays in ActionScript
Adding Object and instance properties
Using Colour objects to Transform MovieClips
Using the Sound object
Loops and Conditions
Looping Over Array Values & Tracing Array
Assigning values to variables inside a loop
Assiging object properties inside a loop
Looping over Property Values
While, Do-While, For-in Loops
Using If Conditions to Toggle Visual State
Class Files
Introducing OOP
ActionScript Classes
Writing a Non-Visual Data Class
Writing a constructor function
Proper use of the this keyword
Writing getter and setter methods
Associating Class with MovieClip
Creating a Visual class
Extending the MovieClip class
Creating an init method to set initial values
ActionScript Animation
Animating MovieClips using ActionScript
Creating an onEnterFrame event handler
Modifying visual properties at runtime
Testing for conditional end state conditions
MovieClip Methods
Dragging and Dropping a MovieClip object
Writing onPress and onRelease event handlers
Using the startDrag and stopDrag methods
Collision Testing
Loading and Saving Data
LoadVars in ActionScript
Displaying Externally Loaded Data and Images
Writing a Flash data file
Creating a Loadvars object
Writing an onLoad event handler
Displaying loaded data
Saving & loading Local Data
Using a loaded pathname to load an external image
Creating a shared object and Assigning data
Flushing local data to disc
Testing for and using local data as movie loads
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* On site training available
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