Course Outline
Adobe Flash CS3 - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment.
Training Method:
Knowledge of the web, its terminology & the Mac or Windows operating systems.
Two days
This course introduces delegates to creating interactive websltes, rich media advertisements and
engaging presentations. Delegates will build a Flash CS3 based website with interactivity, video,
components and minimal ActionScript. Delegates will learn:
* Customising your Workspace * Drawing and Colour Basics
* Using the Timeline and Layers * Learning the basics of Symbols and the Flash Library
* Using Filters and Blend Modes * Animation with the Timeline in Flash CS3
* Working with Sound and Video * Exporting and Publishing from Flash CS3
Designers and developers new to the Flash environment who need to create
professional animations, design interactive websites, and incorporate audio and
video into self-contained presentations.
Designed for:
An Introduction to the Flash Interface
Creating a new document
The default workspace
Customising your workspace,Saving workspaces
Reorganising panels, Document tabs
Drawing Essentials
Drawing tool basics
Drawing with the Pencil and Line Tools
The improved Pen Tool, The Quick Colour Tools
Drawing with Shapes, Selecting Content
Manipulating Lines and Fills
Painting with Brushes, Erasing Content
Understanding Drawing Modes
Colour Essentials
Using the Colour Mixer, Colour Swatches
The Gradient Transform Tool
Symbols Essentials
Creating and Editing Symbols, Using the Library
Nesting and Breaking apart Symbols
Working with Buttons, Movie Clips & Graphics
Transformation Tools, Panels and Menus
Timeline Essentials
Using, Adding, deleting and grouping Layers
Using Frames and Keyframes
Copying and pasting Frames, multiple Frames
Understanding Scenes
Testing & Publishing your Files
Understanding Document Settings
Testing Buttons and Movie Clips
Testing & Publishing your Movie
Image Essentials
Vector v.Bitmap
Tracing & Breaking apart Bitmaps
Importing images and image compression
Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files
Animation Essentials
Shape Tweening and Motion Tweening
Using shape hints
Tweening gradients
Copy and Paste Motion
Motion Guides and Custom easing
Working with Text in Flash
Controlling text appearance
Simple text effects through Tweening
Adding text to a project file
Spell-checking, Find and Replace
Using Filters and Blend Modes
Using filters, Special filter options
Animating filters, adding filters to a project file
Using blend modes, Flash specific blend modes
Using Components
Components overview
Adding a UIScrollBar component
Using a Loader component
Working with Sound and Video
Adding sound to the Timeline
Adding basic effects to sounds
Sound sync options
Adding sound to buttons
Video Essentials
Sounds compression basics
Embedding videos with the Flash Video Encoder
Encoding external FLVs with optional cue points
Playing external videos with FLV-playback
Introduction to ActionScript
Overview and interface elements Frame scripts,
tracing and comments
Variable basics, Function basics
Buttons and EventListeners
Simple Navigation, Scripting components
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* On site training available
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