Course Outline
HTML & Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS)
Hands-on training in an instructor led environment. One workstation per delegate
and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Knowledge of Windows or Apple Mac operating environment
Two / three days
Aimed at anyone involved with web page design wishing to understand what goes on under the
bonnet of the web design process. The course progresses stage by stage giving the delegate a
complete understanding of HTML and Cascaded Style Sheets the language of the World Wide Web.
Filled with lots of hands on exercises the course assumes no previous experience of web page design.
Anyone wishing to learn how to develop web pages and have an understanding of
the underlying processes.
Designed for:
Introducing the basic HTML page
(X)HTML standards
Formatting text size, fonts and colours
Controlling attributes Bold, Italic, Underline
Defining Lists and bulleted text
Advanced text formatting tags
Developing well formed HTML documents
Using DIV and SPAN tags
Web graphics
Web graphics format comparison
When to use a particular graphic format
Sizing and placing graphics
Using tables
Tables explained
Setting out content within a table
Special table attributes
Complex table designs the easy way
Modifying your web page to a table based design
HTML Forms
User input using forms
Form tools
Textbox and Textarea
Radio buttons / Checkboxes
Selection menus
Laying out the Form correctly
Submitting the form
CSS - Web page layout techniques
Structuring HTML tags for CSS
Linking to external stylesheets
Defining CSS rules
Restyling common HTML tags
Aligning text and graphics correctly
The Box Model in CSS
Controlling the appearance of DIV tags
Defining margins and padding
Controlling layout using floating elements
Background images and colours
Defining fonts and their properties
Adjusting fonts for readability
Letter spacing and line spacing
Advanced styling
Creating advanced menus from HTML lists
CSS Positioning techniques
Designing complex layouts
Converting a graphic design to CSS
Publishing your site
What is FTP and how to use it
Setting up a simple FTP client application
Making sure your files are named properly
Are your links working correctly?
Testing and updating your web site
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