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Course Outline
Joomla - Building Fully Featured Websites
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
Delegates should have some knowledge of the web and its terminology, and the
Mac OSX or Windows operating systems.
Two days
If you are involved in developing websites and dream of being able to provide advanced features such as
News areas, User login, Dynamic front page articles etc whilst at the same time reducing design time and
administration then you need to employ a Content management system.
This course will take you through the JOOMLA content management system, providing you with the
tools to implement dozens of useful features.
Web designers managers and administrators. The course provides advice and
guidance on the advantages and pitfalls of Content Management Systems in general.
Designed for:
Introduction to Joomla CMS
What is a content management system.
Using CMS or rolling your own system.
Selecting a host for JOOMLA
Obtaining and Installing JOOMLA
Key concepts templates, components, content,
Joomla Con?guration
Global con?guration
Server and database settings
General settings and defaults
Setting permissions
Template management
Selecting a Joomla template for your site
Making changes to the standard templates
Designing graphics to work with Joomla templates
Styling the templates using CSS
Adding your Content
Static v Dynamic content
Sections and categories
Editing content using the wysiwyg editor
Adding images
Managing media
Styling your content
Menus and Navigation.
Planning site navigation
Standard Joomla Menus
Setting up menu links
Types of menu links
Where your menus appear
Adding custom menus
Changing menu backgrounds
Styling menus
Components and Modules
Managing built in modules and components
Banners, Contacts, Newsfeeds
Installing additional components
Understanding new components
Adding Documents and Downloads
Adding a shopping cart to your site
Various E-Commerce options available
Con?guring your store
Adding items
Con?guring the shopping cart
Interfacing with payment gateways
Order administration
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* On site training available
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