Apple Mac
Course Outline
Macintosh O/S X - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
No prerequsites
One day
to introduce the key concepts behind the Macintosh O/S X opperating system At the end of the
course the participant will have a thorough knowledge of Macintosh and be able to utilise the major
opperating system features.
First time and/or inexperienced users of the apple Mac and also existing users of
the Mac or Microsoft Windows requiring knowledge of O/S X operating system.
Designed for:
Understanding the Mac interface
Logging on to the Mac
Introduction to the Desktop
Keyboard and mouse review
Using the Dock
Getting Help
Using a Window
Parts of a window
Moving and sizing windows
Multiple windows
Hideing windows
Using menus and dialog boxes
Files and Folders
Expanding and collapsing folders
Changing the view
Examining drives and folders
Managing discs and files
Recent Folders
Sorting folder content
Creating new folders
Renaming files and folders
Finding files
Multiple selection
Creating an alias
Using the Trash
Deleting items
Recovering deleted items
Ejecting disks
Emptying the Trash
Running programs
Opening applications
Opening applications at startup
Cutting coppying and pasting
Formatting text
Saving a file
Quiting applications
Forcing an application to quit
Changing the Desktop properties
Changing the colour scheme
System Preferences
Dock properties
Adding items to Dock
Managing Printers and Print job
Adding a printer
Viewing print jobs
Pausing and resuming print jobs
Deleting print jobs
Using the Internet
Starting a browser
Browsing web pages
Adding favorites
Organizing favorites
Internet options
Searching the internet
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