Course Outline
QuarkXPress - Advanced
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment. One workstation per
delegate and exercises to consolidate learning.
Training Method:
A good working knowledge of QuarkXPress, or having attended our two day
Introduction to QuarkXPress course.
Two days
To examine some of the more advanced features of QuarkXPress to enable the delegate to produce
more sophisticated publications and achieve the more complex effects sometimes required. Delegates
will explore more complex topics including managing your work flow, structuring documents, creating
advanced style sheets, text and graphics, long documents and colour output.
Existing users of QuarkXPress, or as a follow on from our Introduction course.
Designed for:
Managing Workflow
QuarkXPress preferences
Application preferences
Document preferences
Managing Items
Structuring Your Layouts
Using custom grids and template files
Advanced Style Sheets
Editorial priority
Building style sheets
Appending style sheets from another document
Style sheets and workflow
Creating character style sheets
Working with Long Documents
The importance of consistency
Starting with a primary master document
Copy and layout fitting
Kerning and tracking
Type colour
Working with Shapes
Complex merging
Applying blends to merged objects
Advanced Bezier tool techniques
Quick Tips and Techniques
Complex Text Elements
Converting text to paths
Putting type inside character-based graphics
Text on paths
Text on curved paths
Text on circles or ovals
Digbats and type paths
Text and Graphics Living Together
Colouring text and text boxes
Runarounds and clipping paths
Creating runarounds
Hyphenation and justification of runarounds
Kerning and tracking in runarounds
Alternatives to automatic runarounds
QuarkXPress clipping paths
Running text inside a picture’s contours
Anchored objects
Index creation prep / The index palette
Managing Output
Workflow issues for printing
Working with print styles
Using the PPD Manager
Postscript and QuarkXPress
Save for Output issues / Output tips
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* On site training available
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