Course Outline
QuarkXPress - Introduction
Hands-on training in an instructor-led environment.
Training Method:
No prior knowledge of QuarkXPress is assumed.Delegates need to be comfortable
using a mouse,opening and saving files and the general operation of a computer.
Two days
At the end of the course delegates will be able to originate a document and cover processes to final
output. Delegates will learn how to use the toolbox, palettes, views, guides and navigation, working
with text features, colour management and libraries, advanced design techniques, document layout,
pictures, effective page design, item placement and management and putting it all together.
First time and/or inexperienced users of QuarkXPress
Designed for:
The Basics
Projects/layouts and Menus
QuarkXPress Palettes, the Tool palette
Synchronized Text palette
Guides, margins and rulers
Working with Files
Creating a new QuarkXPress document
Modifying the document setup
Saving files, Save options
Zooming in and out / Shortcuts
Working with Objects
Creating simple boxes, lines and shapes
Modifying shapes and content types
Editing simple elements
Positioning and duplicating elements
Moving items, Stacking order, Alignment
Manipulating elements
Skew, scale, rotate, flip and move elements
Applying transformations to figures
Working with Graphics
Creating objects-polygon,rectangle,circle,lines
Modifying graphics using Element commands
Crop graphics using tools and procedures -
resizing a frame, cropping tool, frame options
Colourising and tinting imported graphics
Working with Colour
Spot and process colours
Adding colour to the Colours palette
Importing colours using Colour palette
Working with Text
Navigating through text blocks
Overflow icon, Setting text inset value
Importing text files,Pasting text from the
Linking text boxes, Formatting text
Character attributes dialogue box
Measurement palette, Horizontal spacing
Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph formats dialogue box
Rules and paragraph rules, Setting tabs
Style Sheets
Character and Paragraph styles
Creating/Applying & Managing Style Sheets
Importing, copy/cut & paste pictures
Scaling imported pictures,modifying picture box
Cropping pictures, anchored pictures
Picture usage, updating pictures
Master Pages
Creating elements on master pages
Modifying master page items on document
Reapplying master items, Headers and footers
Creating Complex Shapes
The Freehand tools, the Bezier tools
Anchor points and segments
Closed and open paths, Working with curves
Merging shapes, Creating text on a path
Text on circles, Control position of type on
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